The U.S. is ranked 27th out of 29 developed countries in the number of STEM bachelor’s degrees awarded in developed countries, 6% of undergraduates major in engineering in U.S. compared with 12% in Europe, 20% in Singapore, and 40% in China.

National Academies

Parents and adult role-models are a driving force in child development providing a foundation for success in life. We all want our kids to excel, to be extraordinary, and to be prepared for the real world of tomorrow. As technology becomes part of the fabric of society, it is important for our young learners to understand the power of the Internet of Things, and how it will affect them in daily life.

We want to work closely with parents to help identify and define what is  most relevant. Students must be free to imagine and come up with their own ideas, gain skills to tackle challenges, and learn how to work with others.